The ranked queues in LOL provide gamers with a platform in which they can put their skills to test against other potential opponents. The environment is awesome for individuals who take pride in contest and elevated ranking in return for glory, prizes and careers. However, when competition is the basis of playing, cheating is inevitable. This is the case with league of legends. Some players are too lazy to play for a good ranking yet they desire for the prizes and fame. Hence, to bypass the trials, they opt for lol elo boosting if not buying the previously ranked accounts. Some individuals even hire renowned players to play for them or dui queue with friends who have smart rankings. This calls for the needs to find the motivation or inspiration behind elo boosting.

The basic motivation behind Lol boosting is the content gifted to accounts that reach the gold tier and beyond in every season. Often, such accounts receive certain cosmetic upgrades to the player’s summoned profile folio, fancy loading display borders and a unique skin that cannot be found through any other way. A 45% of individuals who have used the boosting services have been upgraded to gold while 88% have been boosted to gold or above! This implies that most players are inspired elo boost by the cosmetic rewards to purchase elo boost. By using Elo boosting services, you will have the ability to perform well than when you’re not using a lol boost service. There are other reasons for individuals to make use lol elo boosting. For example, whereas they do not seek the prizes, they believe that they deserve to be in the respective ranks.

However, as research reveals, they claim that they are held back from attaining those ranks individually for other reasons. For instance, some of them lack the time to raise their ranks before the season comes to a close while others are lowered for being in poor eloboost teams. Others simply want to make their family and friends proud. Therefore, they end up seeking for the boosts.