Strategy – thinking ahead

To make a good decision you must be informed. Study the champions. Know their strengths.
No champion has a severe weakness that cannot be covered with the right gear (at the time of this writing) so focus on knowing champions unique abilities and strong points.
You must know your enemy to succeed.

Learn from others. Read champion guides and think about how the information you find works.
You may find a real gem with a little effort.

Study the available gear. Know what items do what.
Did you know there is an item which elo boost can take 1/3 of an enemy’s health when activated?

Watch how other players play the game. Especially after a match – look at the builds of the players with the most kills. Usually their success lies in having a good build and knowing their champion thoroughly.

If you have a decent level of knowledge of these things, you can make an intelligent decision in terms of strategy.

“Decisions, decisions, decisions…”

First decision – choosing a ROLE.
Before selecting a champion, eloboost decide what role you will fill. Talk to your team. Help round out what the team needs. Most champions can fill several roles depending on their equipment.
Example: Kog’ Maw
– good enough ‘mage’ but excellent damage-per-second if you use the right gear and abilities.

Second decision – choosing a CHAMPION elo boosting
You have your assigned role, if you can play many of champions then you might want to let the other players make their choices first and decide based of their choices.
If you are limited in what champions you can handle, let the team know so that they can adapt to your limitation.
Here’s an example – champion BlitzCrank with a player who knows how to use the ‘Rocket Grab’ skill well can easily dominate a lane if paired with a DPS ranged role who can also slow down or stun the target, even a little.

Final decisions – choosing spells, runes and masteries.
These decisions are easy enough if you know your way around them already, simply pick in accordance with your role. I tend to favor DPS roles and since I fill that role with a slow moving champion I favor teleport to move around the map quicker and ghost for escaping and chasing.

So you’ve picked a champ, runes, masteries and spells, you’ve locked in and now you’re summoning.
This is a good time begin considering TACTICS.