Rotation & Sieging

When to Rotate As a Marksman and the rewards for doing it

Spoiler: When to rotate is a decision making skill and thus I can only provide some basic guidelines to help ease your own decision making. Ultimately you need to play the game a lot for this skill to increase. Good news is that by analyzing scenarios you can understand how the thought process prior to making a decision is done. After analyzing a few of them it should become easier to recognize when is a good time to roam

Times to rotate:

  • After pushing a minion wave into the opponents side of the map.


Typically done after a tower in your lane has been destroyed. This is the most common time people choose to rotate.

  • For securing Dragon.


See the enemy jungler top? Take advantage of it by having everyone rotate towards dragon to rush it down!

  • When you are unable to flight your lane opponent.



If you are in a losing matchup and get behind. It is hard to lane. Rotating to another lane to avoid it could be a response.

  • For securing vision.



This includes walking (typically in groups of two or more) into the enemy jungle and placing deep wards for more information. Just like policitians think information is key, the same applies to LoL.




After Turret Kill:

download (1)

As you can see we have just killed the enemy bot lane tower, so we are going to recall, spend our gold and rotate. Basically Annie sees that we are rotating mid and do not want Caitlyn to answer with our bot tower and goes to gank her (she and Nami is the green line) before I get in position to push to tower. Meanwhile Gragas is securing vision on top side eloboost by killing the crab.


We see Talon is coming to defend mid lane elo boost and by his movements you can tell that he wants to go in on Kalista and that he does not know Gragas (star) is there. Kalista is baiting him near purple turret so that gragas can go in. This results in Talon dying and it is much easier to siege the tower. Annie did kill Caitlyn in bot and her & Nami is rotating mid to help kill the tower. We do not have many minions left after the fight but Annie still has Tibbers and the only ones to defend the tower is Hecarim and Janna.

Mid tower was secured after rotating mid from the tower kill in bot lane. Caitlyn tried to push elo boosting back to purple tower knowing Kalista would rotate mid and Annie went down to stop her, abusing their lack of vision.