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LoL Coaching

It is guaranteed that we will do the job fast and efficiently. With coachers hand-picked from across the globe, you will be sure to have a coacher in your region.

Our LoL Coaching Team plays the game for a living from 8 to 14 hours a day, so our coaches don’t have only good mechanics but also know everything about the game. They are ready to satisfy all your needs: their usual services consist of general tips about the game, the main champion of their student or the role in general, or about the macro play (rotation, lane movements, counter picks, objective and vision control). Our teachers will look at your games to correct your mistakes making you a better player, but they are open to more specific requests.

Our coaching schedule is pretty flexible: you can request the service for an hour or two, or even a few weeks if you really want to continue improving.

To become a pro player, you need to think like a pro, and our coaches will teach you how to do it.

If you want to improve, the first step is to defeat your ego and accept your weaknesses. We know that it’s hard to admit your own mistakes, but it’s a necessary pain. Our coaches will always be patient with you explaining every concept many times, until they are sure that you mastered it. However you need to make the first move accepting that you are a student, and you need to learn.

Choose our service and get a personal teacher that cares about your improvement and will try his best to make you a better player. Try our LoL coaching service and see for yourself.

Contact our live chat support if you are interested to buy coaching.
For only 15$ an hour you can choose one of the features above or you can buy all the features package for 40$
Special Offers: 5+1 hour gratis, 10+3 hours gratis.