Laning Strategies

Introduction to freezing a minion wave and why it is important.

What is freezing and why is it done?

Spoiler: After reading this you will understand what freezing is and why it is done. This clearer understanding that you will develop of freezing will in your becoming better at taking advantages, playing safer and being more successful in laning.


What is freezing?

·       The art of keeping the creep wave battle location stationary.

·       Manipulating enemy minions in a way that the minions are “frozen” in one spot.

·       Greater number of enemy minions than yours.

·       Typically two to four minions more.


Mechanics behind freezing: The reason you need your enemy to have a higher number of minions is actually because of the way the minions work when they are spawning. Minions spawn at the same time and reach the same point in lane at the same time. If you do not which spot I am referring to, notice it next time you are ingame. It is in the dead center of the lanes. The reason you need a higher number of enemy minions if the minions are closer to your side of the lane is because this will counteract the fact that your minions will reach the point of battle faster and this will create a freeze.The fact that your minions show up faster will counteract the fact that their numbers of minions is higher.


Why do we freeze?

·       Zone / deny opponents gold or experience.

– Why is this important? Denying these resources can help you gain a lead in lane and you will be able to transition that lead into the later stages of the game.

·       Prevent enemy from freezing a lane on us.

– Why is this important? Like I described above your goal with freezing is to deny gold and experience and therefore you gain a lead. We freeze to prevent people getting this advantage on us.

·       Stay safe from aggression or ganks.

– If you closer to your turret the enemy team is less likely to be aggressive and you are less likely to be ganked but if you are ganked the risk on their part is higher since you have a turret assisting you.

·       Sets up your own jungle ganks.

It is easier to set up ganks for your jungler and that ends of you being able to snowball.


When do we freeze?

·       Generally in the early game to zone / set up ganks.

Why is the done in the early game? You lack waveclear and items so are not able to push the wave very fast. You are not able to pressure and the elo boost only way you can gain an advantages in the early game is to freeze the lane.

·       When there are no objectives to take.

If there is no buffs up or the dragon is dead and spawning anytime soon then the only way to get a lead would be to freeze for all of the eloboost reasons in question two.

·       When you want to be defensive.

If the enemy has a lot of crowd control and kill elo boosting pressure because you are squishy.

·       When you are behind.

If you are behind you want to implement a freeze as fast as possible because if the enemy who is ahead you will become even further behind because you will not be able to farm without being susceptible ganks.

·       When you are ahead.

It will be easier for you to maintain your lead and extend it if you are freezing your lane. Take note of the time if you are in situation; is your buffs or dragon about to spawns? If there is no objectives to take, keep the lane freezed.


When not to freeze will be discussed later. Right now I just want you to understand when we do want to freeze.

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