Freeze Minion Waves

How to freeze and some key concepts behind it.

Spoiler: After reading this you will understand exactly how to freeze and some concepts behind it. This clearer understanding that you will develop elo boost of freezing will result in you being capable to implement a freeze into your own games.

For more information read down below:


·       Key Range

·       Thinning

·       Tanking

·       Location

What is the Key Range?

 ·       Keeping your enemies minion count not too high or low.

Key Range is when you keep the enemy minion count between two to four minions, depending on where the freeze is in the lane. The closer to the turret that the freeze is the faster your minions will get to the battle location and the more enemy minions are required to counteract the fact that your minions are getting to the battle location faster. If the freeze is further  eloboost away from your turret the lower minion count is needed to freeze the lane because enemy minions are getting to the battle location faster compared to if the freeze is happening just outside turret range. Why is this important? Key Range is important because if you do not keep track of it according to the location your freeze will break. You use the elo boosting Key Range to keep the lane freezed where you want.

·       Two to four minions.

You need to keep track. If the enemy are using his abilities to clear the wave, you need to start thinning. You need to counteract his movements to keep the lane freezed.

·       Dependency of where the freeze is located in lane.

 What is Thinning?

 ·       Slightly “trimming” the wave down by killing a couple of minions so that the wave does not grow out of control.

·       Be aware of opponents damage on minions.

Enemies will try to kill your minions to break your freeze and you need to kill as many enemy minions so you can keep the Key Range and prevent your freeze to break. For example: Let us say you have three minions and your opponent has six. Your opponent kills one of these which would make an imbalance in your freeze and cause it to break. To counteract this you kill two minions to balance out the power so now you have two minions against his four. Your freeze will not break. If you do not do this the enemy wave would push you to your turret and break the freeze. You need to keep up thinning the wave as your opponent is essentially thinning yours.

·       Do not let the enemy wave build up to high.

If you do not thin the wave then the freeze can easily be broken because of the amount of minions and the damage they have to push you back to your turret. This will break your freeze and your advantage and most likely cause you to lose CS under turret. This is why thinning is important.

·       If you do not thin the wave enemies can punish you.

Same as above.

 What is tanking?

 ·       Obtaining aggro of minions in order to build up a freeze.

This is a way to forcefully start a freeze at the location of your choice. By tanking the minions you are gathering your Key Range so that when the next wave come your Key Range is met and you are able to freeze.

·       Zone / deny enemy champions.

·       Tanking Conditions:

Can not take to much damage from minions.

Can not take harass.

When you are tanking is an ideal time to thin your wave and get a good Key Range of roughly three minions. You CAN NOT do this if the enemy is close enough to harass you since you will tanking too much damage and end up backing to fountain and the freeze would have been irrelevant. 

 What is ideal location to freeze?

 ·       Your side of the lane.

Freezing is meant to zone enemies or set up a gank from your jungler. If the freezing on their side, they are safe and can farm freely. There is no pressure on the enemies. It needs to be on your side of the lane to work in your favor and actually be useful.

·       Out of tower range.

If the freeze is happening inside tower range. The tower will actually be thinning the wave in a way that you do not want it to. To keep the tower from thinning your wave and essentially break your freeze, it needs to be outside of tower range.

·       The “Sweet Spot”

An ideal place to have to freeze.

Sweet Spots

download (1)

The blue box shown here is the ideal location to have a freeze and the red lines represent the sweet spot. The sweet spot is far enough away from turret so that the freeze will not break. The reason why is not in the lower area of the blue box is because if the enemy top laner decides to push, you have enough space away from turret so you can tank the minions and keep the freeze going.

download (2)

As stated previously the blue box represent the ideal location to have a freeze. However this one is for the mid lane is a bit different. In the portion below the red line is the sweet spot for the mid lane. The reason for this is because the mid lane is smaller and therefore the freeze location and sweet spot will be smaller as well. This sweet spot keeps you safe in lane and helps set up jungle ganks for your jungler as the enemy has be at the start of the blue box to get experience.

download (3)

The bot lane freeze location is similar to the top lane. The blue box is the freeze location and in between the red lines is the sweet spot. However the sweet spot is not here so you can tank minions but because there are more players in bot lane and therefore it is easier to break the freeze. So you need to be at a safe distance away from your tower so that the freeze is not broken. Another reason why it is here is because it is close to the bush in the bot lane. With the freeze location here you can use bush to zone of your opponents.

One last thing to note is the these locations are mirrored for each lane.