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by Annonymous on
Great service

First booster was very inactive, messaged one of the supports in the chat and they changed my booster right away and within 24 hours I was with a more active booster that helped carry me! Would highly recommend the duo-boost if you are trying to improve as well as climb. I've learnt a lot from these boosters and will recommend to anyone! 🙂 Picked up a lot of good habits playing with a booster.

by the MAN on

inhuman plays, godlike reflexes, the master of juking. you don't even know. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THIS DUDE.

by tommi on
VanyashkaYua 10/10

my booster was VanyashkaYua and he was very friendly i recommend him 100% w/r

by James on
Exellent service

Easy 5 star.Good communication and excellent skills to carry games.

Definitely would recommend to anyone who is interested in this service.

by mohammed on
this guys is fking amizing

he really a nice guy, doing a nice job, try to do the order fastes as he can with a good carry ^^

by Dalan on
Good problem solving.

My first booster was busy IRL and for that reason he couldn't play much. When I first wanted help/support it took a while. But if live chat is up they can solve problems really fast and i got a different booster who finished it.

by Ben on
Best service NA

Fast, easy and the best customer service experienced ever!

by J on
Didn't quite work out

It probably wasn't entirely the booster's fault, as he was playing on an account with few champions, but we lost 3 out of the 5 games resulting in LP loss. I'm probably going to try again, however. He was very friendly and all.

by Kip on
10/10 Would Order Again

Had an awesome time with my duo partner!!!! Absolutely fantastic. Would recommend!!!!

by Alex on

Great results... carries hard 😀

Thank you so much!!

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