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Becky McDonald Fast Elo boost



Do you accept other means of payment?

Generally, we don't. Feel free to contact us via Skype, we might make an exception.

I purchased the boost, what now?

Someone from our team will contact you shortly and inform you that the boost will be started as soon as possible. Remain patient as our response time is longer in peak times.

There have been no games played on my account for hours now, why does this happen?

There are numerous reasons why this can happen. If there are no server problems then you should contact the administrators through Skype or Contact Form. We will get back to you asap.

My booster isn't doing as well as I would like him to, can I get a different one?

Yes, contact us through Skype and explain what's the problem, we will change your booster and see what was the reason of low performance.

A booster who played on my account got reported and I got banned, what are you going to do about this?

Contact us through Skype, if it indeed was the booster who got banned, he will be fined and you will be compensated.

Can I contact the booster outside of the game?

No. If any booster offers to contact you outside the game, report it to our team through Skype/Contact Form and we will provide a thank you gift for you and the booster will be severely punished.

Please do not offer your contact details to our boosters.

Can I watch the games performed by the booster on my account?

Yes, we advise it as you will get your boost done and learn something from him!

How long will you work on my account?

We aren't in a position to say how long exactly your account will be worked on. It depends on a few things that we have no control under such as the size of your order, the current amount of orders and the availability of our players. Sometimes it can take a couple of days and sometimes it can be done in under 24 hours.

Can the boosters play with the champion or role that I want?

You can ask the booster but the final decision belongs to him. Remember that the booster must choose what's best for the team.

Will only one booster play on my account?

In most cases, yes.

Can I work for you?

Check our Jobs section for further information.